OPTIPOP is the firm of choice (heh, heh) for clients seeking form-follows-function website design. We are driven to base our work on needs of the user, needs of the client, and only then, eye-catching visualization and decorative elements.

We utilize many techniques taken from the 520 years of print technology: proportion and order, fine typography, lessons on legibility and readability. Having a strong background in print gives us a strong basis for web—many of the issues encountered in site design have been solved by print designers many years ago. Site usability is rarely related to the technology of the code; it is almost always related to composition and layout.

That said, we love dressing up a site. A visually arresting screen guides your visitors through the the page and through the site; it creates a narrative structure (another form of order that we humans appreciate).
Optipop. Inc.
726 Levy Avenue
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
[ 434 ] 242-3239

Optipop, Inc. is SWAM certified by the state of Virginia. We are a woman-owned business.