Hey! This is how we got into this whole thing! I was producing teevee commercials and then interactive multimedia came around. CD-ROMS! The Next Big Thing! I convinced my bosses at the film production company in San Francisco where I was working to jump on board. I could produce commercials and videos with no problem, but no one knew how to produce a CD-ROM. I thought, if I get familiar with the tools, I'll be able to do it. So I taught myself Adobe Photoshop, and then Macromedia Director, and CoSa After Effects, and Adobe Premiere, and Aldus Freehand, and Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Pagemaker. And HEY!, this is a lot more fun than just scheduling, budgeting, and yelling on the phone (I don't yell any more). So Optipop does lots of groovy video now. We work in all flavors of video and keep a close eye on the union of social media and video. We use a designer's eye when composing shots, making edits, and working with motion graphics. Sign-up here to receive notices of new video work. It's fun!
Optipop. Inc.
726 Levy Avenue
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
[ 434 ] 242-3239

Optipop, Inc. is SWAM certified by the state of Virginia. We are a woman-owned business.