OPTIPOP is adorable and we love all kinds of graphic design (and we do our own stunts). We produce and edit video, design websites, and produce social media. We design print media of every flavor and develop brands (see examples of our packaging, posters, book covers, and marketing materials).

We handle website design of all permutations: straight xHTML, CMS (Content Management Systems), WordPress blogs, and Flash. Excellent web design is key of course. And integrate social media into your site? Yep. Integrate your brand into social media? Yep. Do it all strategically, thoughtfully, and considerately? Yep.

We’re awesome at video and know how to get it on both the tube and on YouTube (and on disc of course). We’ve been working in film (real film!) and video for 20 years. Again with the social media? Yes, we integrate.

We are located here in Charlottesville, Virginia, but we’re happy to work long distance with you. We have clients all over Virginia as well as Washington, D.C., New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Memphis. So call us already.

Optipop. Inc.
726 Levy Avenue
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
[ 434 ] 242-3239

Optipop, Inc. is SWAM certified by the state of Virginia. We are a woman-owned business.